Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hotel suite

Once a year my work sent me up to Maine to do a job in York, a small town on the coast that during the summer is a lively location but in winter is the equivilent of a ghost town. The one way, two lane road turns into a two way street and you'd swear not more than 10 people lived there. The job always came around in February and I didn't mind because I prefered the peacefulness, at least for one night.
I always stayed at the same hotel and made sure to get one of the two jacuzzi suites. They suites were back to back and were mirror images of each other. The one I usually stayed in opened to a large room, king size bed, TV in the corner next to the window that overlooked the back parking lot. Next to the bed was the door to the other suite. Also next to the bed was the door to the bathroom, an enormous room that had a large jacuzzi tub, seperate shower with a seat, and a beautiful tile floor. There was also a TV up in the corner and a long counter with two person sink. I loved the room and when my work was done I always looked forward to a night of relaxing in the comfortable bed watching TV, writing on my laptop, and later sliding into the hot tub with a glass of wine and a good book. When I felt like treating myself I stopped at the grocery store one town over and bought bubble bath. I also took advantage of the seclusion by taking a trip out to my car and smoking a little bit.
I finished my job around 5 and got to the hotel shortly after 5:15. As usual the lobby was empty except for the receptionist who checked me in. I parked my car out back and took notice of the other vehicle in the parking lot. Surely there wasn't someone else staying here. It was a Tuesday night in February, if anything it was something working in the hotel, or perhaps a new employee. Much to my amazement though when I stepped off the elevator on my floor I met a woman in the hallway. She stood about 6 feet tall and had a large yet feminine frame. Perhaps it was the smooth black dress she was wearing, along with the heels. Her hair was brown and slightly below shoulder length, big yet controlled. Her eyes wear a dark brown and her lips were petite. Her figure was overall big, especially in the stomach and hips, and the bust. Her legs were thick and soft, but smooth. I smiled and she smiled back. Never seeing another person in the hotel I thought I would engage her in some light conversation. Her name was Sandra and she was staying in the other jacuzzi suite and had been sent up by her company to take a class the next day. After a brief talk we nodded politely and parted ways.
After dinner and a beer I decided to go out for my smoke. Luckily when I got to my car I could see that the light in the room next to mine was off. Sandra must still be out somewhere. I lit up and sat back, listening to some music while enjoyed the smoke. Halfway through I saw the light go on in her room, I quickly ducked down in my car (yeah paranoia) and put the blunt out. Perhaps it was time to go inside. I returned to my room and could hear the TV on in the next room. At least I got to smoke a little bit. I decided I'd go back out later when she was in bed. My next move was the hit the jacuzzi.
I fired up the tub and went in the other room to wait while it filled up. All of a sudden I heard the bath turn on in Sandra's room. Guess she had the same idea. When the tub was filled I turned it off, got undressed and jumped in. It was so comfortable. I layed back and let out a huge sigh. This was heaven. A couple minutes later I heard Sandra's bath turn off. The hum of the hot tub jets provided a perfect hum.
At first it sounded like she was talking to someone. I could hear a muffled voice through the wall and figured Sandra was on the phone, but sounded drawn out, like one constant sound instead of a conversation. I turned the jets off in my tub and suddenly it started to come in clearer. It was moaning. Sandra didn't mention being here with anyone so could it be possible she was pleasuring herself in the hot tub, and if so did she realize I could hear her moaning. I didn't know what to think so I got out and started draining my tub, drowning out the sound of the moaning. I went in the other room and got into bed, but when I reached for the remote on the night stand I could begin to hear the moaning again. She had moved from the tub to the bed. She was only a few feet away from me, albeit on the other side of the wall, masturbating. Maybe it was the wine, or the weed, but I felt my penis start to move, slowly lifting upward until there was a bulge in the sheets. I was hard, and so I slid my hand down and grabbed my cock, pulling it out from under the blankets so it could breathe freely. Her moaning started to get louder and louder. At this point I could only assume that she knew no one else was in the hotel except for me next door and that she was trying to get me to hear her. In a bold move I decided to stroke a little harder, with more force, so as to make some noise. Along with that I let out some moans of my own. After a couple moans she went silent. I was terrified. Did she hear me? Was she freaked out? Was I caught? The next few seconds went by in hours, until I heard a knock at the adjoining door. Unable to hide my hard cock I positioned myself behind door and slowly opened it. What was waiting for me on the other side I could never have imagined in even my best dreams.

Sandra stood there, completely naked, arms down to her sides. Her breasts wear big and floppy, both drooping off to either side with a big gap in the middle. Her aerolas were huge and dark, with even darker nipples. Her boobs rested on her equally as big belly. A big mound of flesh it was sitting on her hips, light without any stretchmarks. What I could see of her vagina, slightly visible under her hanging belly, was shaved and smooth. Her thick legs supported quite the upper half. The only curves she didn't have wear in her ass, which although sexy and big, was flat. For me she was absolutely stunning. I walked out from behind the door and let her see me naked, my cock pointed straight in the air.

She wasted no time dropping to her knees and gobbling up my dick. Then she stopped and stood up quick.

"Do you want to fuck me?", she gazed into my eyes, obviously enjoying a little buzz of her own.

I looked at her and replied, "Yes but why start at the finish line?"

She walked past me and went into my bathroom. She bent over and turned the tub back on. From behind I could see her ass jiggle, and her breasts hang down low as she felt the water to get the right temperature. I stood and watched, again finding myself stroking my rock hard penis until she turned around and saw me.

"Aw let me do that for you sexy....we got some time while this tub fills"

She walked over and grabbed my cock with her left hand, looking right at it as she played. Her right hand moved down chest and over her big belly, down underneath to her pussy. She spread her lips and dug in with two fingers, then pulled them out and put her hand toward my face. I leaned in and sucked her fingers, licking her juices off.

The tub was full and she got in, the water level rising significantly from her plopping in. My dick twitched, she began rubbing her breasts. I stepped in and sat down on top of her, positioning myself to put my dick in between her melons. She wrapped her tits around my cock, completely hiding it in her funbags. The water made it smooth as I pumped back and forth. It had been a while since I was with a girl and after almost 30 seconds I could feel myself about to shoot a load. I sat up quick and let her know what was coming.

"Well don't stop, cum all over these titties"

I obeyed, shooting a stream in between her tits and rubbing the excess on her left nipple. She forced my head down to her nipple and made me lick it off. Then she took her finger and rubbed down her cleavage, licking my cum off her finger.

"I think we should get out of this tub and into bed", she said with a sexy grin.

I couldn't agree more, and with that we got out, put on towels and headed into the other room. She must have noticed the drawer slightly open when she was drying off because she questioned what anyone needs to put in a drawer in a hotel for a one night stay. I blushed and she immediately opened the drawer and saw what was in there. I had a little toy. She questioned what I was doing with something like that and I figured why the hell not tell the truth.

"Sometimes when I masturbate I like to stick that little thing in my ass, and it is especially good in the hot tub".

Her face lit up. She told me to take my towel off and bend over on the bed. I did so and she got up and flopped her tits down on my ass. They smacked me hard as they were so huge and between tit drops she smacked my ass with her left palm. After a little bit she begin to move the toy around on my ass, getting closer and closer to my asshole. Then she opened my cheeks and slid it in, I arched up and moaned, she smacked her tits against my ass again. I decided to turn around and lay her down. I got on top of her in a 69 position and started licking her pussy, the juices filled my mouth and I found her clit and started nibbling on it. She licked my balls up to my cock and pulled it into her mouth, sucking hard on my dick. I was in deep but I wanted to get deeper. I pulled her closer to me and moved my tongue further down her pussy, until I found her asshole. She did the same, licking down my balls until her tongue grazed my hole. At the same time we both stuck our tongues in, shivering together as we ate each others assholes. A couple minutes later I moved out of her ass and back to her pussy, licking in all directions as she moaned.

She sat up and pushed me off. She scooted towards the edge of the bed and ordered me down on the floor. She layed back and opened her legs up, I stuck my head inside and she closed them. I ate her pussy while she grabbed her tits and screamed. When she started to quiver I dug deeper and deeper, until my face was hit with tons of juices while she came. When it was over she layed back started fingering herself intensely, squeezing her left breast with her other hand hand so much it looked like it was going to explode. I pulled her hand out and inserted my cock, her whole body shot back. She sat up and got me off, but told me to sit on the edge of the bed and she would ride me. I sat up and she straddled me, sitting gently on top of my dick. She took her tits and smacked the against the sides of my face, over and over while she rode me. I put my hands around her and grabbed what little I could of her ass, pulling it toward me as she fucked me.

"Make sure you tell me when you are going to cum, I want to jerk you off"

I made sure to listen and when I felt it coming I motioned for her to get off. She got up on the bed and sat next to me, thrusting my cock back and forth through her hand, pointing it at my stomach until my load shot out all over myself. She didn't waste anytime bending down and licking it off my chest and stomach, her titties pressing against me, absorbing some of the cum. When she sat up her left tit had some cum of it, she picked it up and put it towards my mouth. Like a good boy I fed on that breast, again licking my own cum off her tits.

"I'm really glad you stayed her tonight," she said, "and maybe I'll see you here again sometime. I need some sleep though".

I told her I only came up this way once a year and she smiled and said...

"Well then I guess I will see you next year......"

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The limo driver

As someone who has a demanding job, I find myself traveling quite frequently. Typically I leave either Sunday afternoon or very early Monday morning and get back late Thursday night. I always have a limo service drive me to and from the airport because it is significantly cheaper as well as much less of a hassle.

Recently I switched limo services because the one I had been using was always showing up late. I had gotten to the point where I scheduled my pick up for a half hour before I actually needed to leave, counting on them being at least 15 minutes late. With that said I was quite relieved when the new service showed up at the exact requested time, if not a couple minutes early.

In all my years traveling I never had a female limo driver. When the limo pulled up in my driveway and I looked out the window I was amazed to see a tall, sandy blonde woman step out of the drivers' and open the back door. She stood there waiting for me and since she couldn't see me standing in the window I took the opportunity to admire her. She was quite tall, a little on the heavier side, wearing the typical limo drivers suit but with a slightly more open jacket. Under the jacket was a traditional white blouse and maybe it was the weather but I could clearly see her nipples poking through the front. The left one was slightly lower and off center than the right. I've always been a fan of uniqueness. I smiled and moved towards the door.

I walked out with my bags and she happily opened the trunk and placed them gently inside. She introduced herself as Amy and asked if this was my first time with the service. I responded yes and she smiled and closed the door as I stepped into the car. We had a polite conversation on the way to the airport, mostly just talking about where I was going and how many times I had been there. She also added to the talk noting that she had been a limo driver for only a little while but was satisfied with her job as it allowed her to help people.

I smiled and tipped her accordingly when we reached the airport. When I turned Thursday she was waiting to take me home and again she was wearing the same outfit, this time however it must have been warmer because nipples weren't poking through the loose blouse she was wearing.

It happened to be a very busy time for me at work so I was traveling every week. The Sunday afternoons were fine but when my flights were scheduled for early Monday I had the hardest time getting up. A couple of times I even left Amy waiting a good 5 or 10 minutes outside while I rushed to get ready. My meetings had also begun to run later and later so my flights were booked later and later and I was getting home later and later. Amy even commented one time that I must be really tired from traveling so much. I couldn't agree more.

It could have been the long day, or the complimentary champagne that Amy started supplying, but one Thursday night after getting home I found myself lying in bed thinking about the ride home. Amy was so plain looking but there was something sexy about her. Maybe it was the first time seeing her with those nipples erect poking through her white blouse. Maybe it was the pants suit. Maybe it was her innocence. Whatever it was, my cock started to grow as I thought more and more about the limo rides home.

Monday couldn't come quick enough. I eagerly awaited Amy to pull up in the driveway and almost immediately I skipped out the door and she met me with a puzzled look.

"Not like you to be this alert and ready so early in the morning", Amy smiled as she said to me.

"I didn't want to keep you waiting, it is cold out here and I don't want you to freeze", I replied.

"Well isn't that sweet", she responded.

My comment obviously flew right over her head because yet again those lop-sided nipples were as alert as I was. As usual we had a polite conversation on the way to the airport and when I got out I joked that I couldn't wait for the week to be over so I could see her when she picked me up. She blushed a little and told me she'd have a bottle waiting for me on Thursday when I landed at the airport. I told her she didn't have to keep giving me free alcohol but she insisted it was all part of the deal. I politely accepted and told her I would see her in a few days.


After an excruciating week I flopped down into the limo on Thursday night around 12:30 and almost forgot the exchange that I had with Amy the previous Monday morning. She was quick to remind me however by getting out of the drivers seat and walking back to my door to open it and present me with a bottle of wine. She didn't typically have wine but I wasn't even paying attention to that. When she opened the door and bent down to give me the bottle I could clearly see the full outline of her nipples, as erect as ever, almost forcing themselves out of her white blouse. These nipples were huge, albeit a little strange, but nonetheless enormous. I smiled and took the bottle. After a minute or two I decided to question the wine.

"Hey not to look a gift horse in the mouth but why wine? Normally it's vodka or champagne."

"Well I thought maybe you'd like something different, plus wine is a good way to wind down, and it certainly looks like you are tired."

I told her that I was in fact quite tired but that I felt worse for her since she was out so late driving me home. She responded with the typical jargon about how it's her job and she is used to it. But this time I could tell she was actually quite tired herself and so I made the daring move of asking if she would like to stay the night instead of having to drive all the way home after dropping me off. She was hesitant, not wanting to "step over the line" but I assured her that everything would be professional and that it was simply a way for her to get some extra rest. She smiled and told me she'd think about it.

When we pulled into my driveway she got out and walked back to open my door. I had a glass of wine poured and offered her a taste. She declined but I insisted that no one would know and that it was really good wine. She smiled and accepted. I think asked her again if she wanted to stay and get some sleep. She hesitated again so I asked if she simply wanted to come inside for a quick drink, and then she could be on her way. She seemed a little shy but accepted. We both went inside.

After not being home for a week my house was a little stuffy, so she removed her jacket. She was wearing her usual white blouse, long black pants, and high heels. I could tell why she always kept the jacket buttoned because her belly was hanging out a little over her waist. Her breasts weren't huge but they were slightly bigger than her stomach, which was a little large itself. Her legs were long and her ass was flat. She had small shoulders and a plain face. Her shoulder length hair was left un-styled. We stood in the kitchen while I poured two glasses of wine. We talked for a few minutes and then moved into the living room to sit down. There must have been a draft because after a few minutes her nipples started to show again through her blouse. I couldn't help but look, especially now that I didn't have to worry about her jacket moving to cover her chest.

After a couple drinks she brought up that it was cold in the room and said she was going to get her jacket to put it on. I got up and told her I would gladly get it for her and in the process I would turn the heat on. She thanked me and sat back while I went to get her jacket. When I returned and handed her the jacket she must have noticed me take one last look at her nipples because she looked down and quickly shot her eyes up at me.

"I guess you can tell I'm cold huh?"

I didn't know how to respond. Was she offended? Was she mad? I was nervous so I tried to ignore the question and just handed her the jacket.

She took it from my hands then just put it down next to her.

"You know, this isn't the first time you've looked at my nipples. I've noticed you looking before but I didn't say anything".

Now I really didn't know what to do. But before I could figure out what to do she leaned over and got real close to my face.

She whispered, "These nipples haven't been touched in years, that's why they get so hard."

Amy took my hand and placed it on her boob, she squeezed it and then let go. I kept my hand there gently massaging her breast, pinching my fingers together a couple of times at the nipple. She let out a subtle moan.

She instructed me to stand up. I did so and she grabbed my belt and unzipped my pants. As they dropped to the floor my now rock hard cock bulged up in my boxers. She grabbed the bulge and squeezed it.

"I'm going to have some fun with this, but first you need to tip me for the ride home."

I sat down, cock still bulging out of my boxers, and she stood in front of me and slowly started to lift her shirt. Before she could even get it up to her bra I lunged forward and grabbed her belly, squeezing both sides and stuffing my face into it. She pulled back and asked what I was doing. I told her I had a thing for bellies and that she had one of the best I had ever seen. She started to blush and told me that she thought she was fat. I assured her that there is nothing more beautiful than a woman with some meat and either it was my twitching cock, the wine, or her lack of intimacy in a while but with that assurance, she lifted her shirt and bra up over her breasts, then bent down and shoved her titties in my face. At the same time she opened the hole in the front of my boxers and took my cock out. I was so busy with my face between her tits I almost didn't feel her grab my dick, until she pulled her face back and dropped down to suck it.

I pushed her face off my cock and she looked at me puzzled.

"Wasn't I suppose to tip you for the ride before you touch that?"

Before she could even blush I started to unzip her tight pants, pulling hard to get them off of her hips and down her legs. Her white panties were damp and after removing them I moved my face towards her vagina. She lifted her leg up to my shoulder and moved towards me. Her pussy squished against my face, My tongue extended out and inside her at which point she let out a loud moan. I moved my tongue around inside her pussy and she moaned louder, grabbing her breasts and pinching her nipples hard. They grew even more, as did my cock.

Eventually she couldn't support herself anymore and she moved back and sat down on the ground. As she laid down on her back her boobs jiggled around before sliding off to the side. She quickly grabbed them and pulled them back to her midsection, again squeezing her nipples hard. I got down on my knees and moved towards her pussy, stopping first at her belly and burying my face in it. Her fat belly rolls wiggled around and my left hand slid down and opened her lips. I then lifted my face out of her belly and began to lick in between her thighs. Her legs clamped together on my face and after pushing them out I set my sights back on her dripping pussy. I got in there and started writing the alphabet with my tongue. By the time I reached "J" she was cumming. Her legs squeezed my face tight and she screamed. I kept going until I reached the letter "Z" by which point I think she came at least one more time.

When I pulled my face back her juices were dripping off my chin. I was covered in her pussy juice.

"Oh honey you can wipe your face on my titties, why don't you try to get some milk while you are at it"

I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them together, pushing my face into them and rubbing it all over. I stopped at the nipple on her left breast and started sucking. She breathed heavy as I sucked away at the pointed, hard, large nipple. After a minute she twitched a little and I could feel a liquid coming out. I was drinking her milk. I grabbed my dick with my left hand and started pumping. She pulled away and looked down.

"Sweetie if you want to jerk off on me you are more than welcome. There is nothing sexier than a guy pleasuring himself. You want me to drink my own milk while you play?"

"Fuck drinking it, squirt it on me", I responded while pulling hard on my dick.

She grabbed her right tit and squeezed it hard, shooting a hard line of milk right onto my chest. She picked up her boob and squirted milk again, this time in my face. I tugged at my dick harder and faster. I started to pant and realized that I was about to cum. I think she could see it too cause she moved towards me and positioned her tits in the line of fire. I shot a huge load all over her melons, covering her left nipple with a stream of cum. She grabbed her tit from underneath and pulled it up to her mouth, slurping the cum off of her nipple. The second load shot and some of it landed on her face. The rest landed on her breasts.

"Oooh I see you have a lot there, anymore left?", she said with a sexy look.

I smiled and looked down towards her pussy. She must have read my mind cause she pulled my cock right into her. I started fucking her, pulling her body close and slurping my own semen off of her fat tits. We sat up and she started to ride me, slapping me in the face with her cum-soaked tits. I licked all my cum and then picked her up off of me and turned her over. Her ass was flat but I still got my dick up underneath and into her pussy from behind. Her titties and belly jiggled while I pounded away. I began to fuck her harder and harder, until her back arched and she grabbed her tits, screaming as she came.

When I pulled out my cock was covered in her pussy juices and she proceeded to quickly turn around and grab at my cock, slurping every last drop of her juices off. I stood up and let her suck my cock more.

She sat indian style on the ground, with me standing in front of her. She placed both hands on my hips and moved her mouth back and forth on my cock. I started to pinch my own nipples as it is a turn on for me and when she noticed what I was doing she grabbed my hands and pulled them down.

"Sweetie all you had to do was ask and I would have been tugging at these the whole time"

She grabbed my nipples with squeezed them with her finger and thumb, pulling them as she continued to move her face back and forth on my cock. I warned her I was about to cum again and instead of pulling away she just started sucking harder. I came in her mouth as she continued to pinch my nipples. When I was done she pulled away and opened her mouth, letting my cum drip back down onto my cock. She then slurped it up off of my cock and swallowed it.

We both sat back and let out a deep breath. She reached for her glass of wine and took a sip.

"Well, I think I should probably go, it's a long drive home".

I told her that she was more than welcome to spend the night and she assured me that she would be fine driving home, and that she would be back early Monday morning, around 5, to pick me up for my next flight. I looked at strangely and told her that my flight wasn't until 9 so I didn't need to be picked up until 6. She smiled, winked, and told me she'd be there at 5........

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The copy machine

I had just about had enough of the copier when Sally walked by and saved me from the inevitable demise of the impossible machine in front of me. She saw the fumes smoking off my head and luckily knew exactly what to do to solve my problem. I thanked her a hundred times over. She said it wasn't a problem and then jokingly said that, "Now you owe me". It was around 11:30 so I asked her if she wanted to grab some lunch. She agreed and so we both went back to our desks to grab our coats and get ready to leave.


Sally wasn't exactly the "office bombshell". While the other ladies were always hurrying around with their noses in the air Sally waddled around, smiling at everyone and was always the first to offer a helping hand. I always looked forward to whenever she would walk past my desk, I always gave her the biggest smile and yet I wondered if she thought I was just being nice or if she really took it as the big smile that it was. Her bottom half was much bigger than her top half. She had incredibly wide hips and a massive rear end. Her top half wasn't abnormally small but other women half her weight had twice the chest. Sally's long blonde hair always accompanied her mom-style dress jackets and pants. She wore glasses that probably went out of style a couple years ago, but she obviously wasn't one who was overly concerned with how "in season" her clothes were. Her attitude made her beautiful to everyone but to me, secretly, her body played a huge role in my politeness....and attraction.


We met at the door to leave, she was wearing a long overcoat and I wore my casual jacket, she offered to drive since I was paying so we hopped into her minivan. She shifted some papers on the front seat and made room for me to get in. We headed off to Chili's. I had never spent any time alone with her before this so I didn't really know what to talk about. I could see she had kids by various items around her minivan so I asked how old her kids were and we slowly got into conversation. Sally was older, probably around 45, and her kids both young but she was divorced, her husband felt she got "too big" after she had kids and he wasn't attracted to her anymore. I very politely told her that her husband was crazy not to find her attractive. She turned bright red and said, "Why thank you, but you don't have to be nice, I understand". I retored by pledging that I most certainly was not just trying to be nice and that she was, in fact, quite a beautiful woman. She looked at me very confused. I didn't want to pry anymore so I just concluded that, "Well, I think you are very attractive and I'm sorry if you don't understand that but I hope you can still accept the compliment".

She was quiet until we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. Then she turned abruptly and grilled me.

"What about me is beautiful? Tell me right now, I want to know."

She kinda scared me a little and at this point I already felt pint-sized so I figured I would just come out with it. It wasn't going to get any worse at this point.

"Sally, aside from your personality.."

"HOLD ON! Every guy mentions my personality and it's just a nice way of saying they don't think I'm attractive. You said you thought I was attractive, you better have not been lying, what were you talking about?"

I shook, scared that she was getting so mad so I quickly switched gears.

"Sally, I am attracted to big women and your body is incredibly sexy. Those hips are amazing and I love the way your butt darts back and forth when you walk. I think you are so sexy and I've thought that since the first day I met you".

Her jaw dropped, she sat there speechless. A good minute passed by before she put the car in gear and started to drive out of the parking lot. I was trembling. Was she offended? Was she going to tell the boss? Would I get fired? I was so scared.

We passed the office, now I was really curious. She couldn't be reporting me to the police right? All I did was say she was beautiful, I didn't do anything that bad did I? Where were we going?

When she got on the highway I finally piped up, "Uh...Sally, I'm really sorry if I offended you but...uh...where are we going?"

She looked at me and smiled, but said nothing. I was confused. Why did she smile? What's going on? Where are we going?


The site was as secluded as you could get. We drove through two parking lots, a little bit of woods, and came out at a final parking lot, surrounded by miles and miles of trees.

"They used to have a park here. Too many kids were doing drugs back here that they shut it down", Sally explained. I couldn't imagine why she drove us here but it didn't take long before I figured it out.

She stopped the car and took off her seatbelt. She opened her door, stepped out, and opened the sliding door for the backseat. She stepped in the back seat and sat in the middle, and undid the belt of her overcoat. She opened the coat and spread her legs out. Normally she wore pants but today she had a mumu. She lifted the dress up, pulled her white panties aside, and slid two fingers up her vagina.

"You think I'm sexy? Then eat this pussy!"

I undid my seat belt, turned to the left, got down on my knees in between the front and back seats, and pushed my face towards her vagina. She grabbed it at the last second and shoved it in between her legs. Her head arched back and she moaned.

"Oooohhhhh, suck my pussy, suck it hard, BITE MY CLIT OFF!!"

Sally was wild. She had both hands pressed solid against my head and I glady obeyed by licking and tugging at her clit. I also managed to get my tongue up inside her pussy hole and I swirled it around inside the big hole. Her thighs kept tightening and squeezing my face. I enjoyed every second of it. Then, like right out of a movie, she tore her shirt open and grabbed her traditional white bra, pushing her breasts together.

"How's that cock honey, is it ready to fuck me?"

I sat up, juices dripping from my face, and unbuckled my belt. She unzipped my pants and pulled on my throbbing cock. Her face then dropped towards it and she took the whole thing in her mouth. She then pulled up and said, "I'm too old for sucking cock, get this thing in my pussy now".

I moved my cock down, slapped against the bottom of her pussy, then slid it in. Her pussy felt hollow but I loved it. All the fat from her thighs and ass was squishing against my balls and thighs and it was so soft. My dick was a rock. I lifted her heavy bra up and down flopped some decent size tits. She hadn't been hiding mountains but she was certainly a little misleading in her attire. I lifted a dark brown nipple into my mouth and sucked on it, tugging it out and letting it smack back into place. She lifted the other breast up to my mouth and said, "This one has more milk, sweetie, suck me dry". I just about shot my load. I had always wanted to milk a woman's breasts but never had the chance, and now it was about to happen. I pulled her tit into my mouth and sucked on it like a pacifier. I felt the breast jerk a little bit and then I felt the taste of warm milk hitting the back of my throat. I pulled away and milk shot all over my face. I wiped it off and grabbed the breast again, milk started spraying it and I aimed it towards my mouth, watching it shoot out and some got on my face again. Sally just smiled and continued to thrust her body as I kept fucking her soaking pussy.

"Keep sucking the milk out and I'll cum, then I'll let you cum on my milky tits".

I wanted to turn her over but she wouldn't let me, not wanted to get milk on the seats. I didn't mind, it just made me fuck harder. I pushed and pushed my cock deep inside her pussy. I slid my fingers down her fat stomach, over a couple of rolls, and onto her clit. Her fat flopped down on my fingers but I kept flicking her clit, making her scream. All of a sudden her entire body started shaking, her eyes rolled back and she let out a huge moan. I just kept pumping and pumping, fucking her as hard as I could. She screamed and shoved me off, "Oh my god that was incredible, I haven't cum like that in years, give me that COCK!!"

She started slurping away at my cock, licking all her pussy juices off while adding her saliva to it. She pulled away real quick and looked up at me, "I know I told you I don't suck cock but I have to compliment this package for a job well done, I WON'T SWALLOW THOUGH SO YOU BETTER NOT FINISH IN MY MOUTH!"

I grabbed my cock and started stroking it. While I did this she grabbed her boobs and started milking her tits all over my chest and stomach. Some of it shot out onto my cock too and I happily kept stroking. It didn't take long before I shot a huge load of cum all over her milk-soaked tits. She lifted her breasts and licked some of the cum off.

"Now you get the rest", she demanded.

I didn't even hesitate, I just moved towards her chest and sucked up all the milk off her tits, taking in some of my own cum in the process. While I did this she fingered her pussy again, letting out a couple good moans before laying back and letting out a big sigh.

"What a great lunch, we need to do this again sometime......"

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I need help finding a home...

I had been trolling around the internet for a couple of months, looking to buy a home. I wasn't in a rush but I was ready to finally purchase something instead of throwing money away on rent every month. Along with the internet I also would cruise around town on the weekends and look for yard signs.

I was out one Saturday and happened to end up on a dead end street and noticed the house at the end had a "for sale" sign. The woman on the sign had a pretty face so I decided to call. A soft, sweet voice answered the phone and introduced herself as Maria. She said we could meet at the house tomorrow (Sunday) around 3 and she would give me a tour and have some information about the home. I marked the appointment in my book and headed home, excited about seeing this house and meeting this agent, she certainly was pretty on that sign.

The next day I hopped in the car around 2:45 and headed toward the house. When I got there her car was already parked outside and she was waiting by the door. I stepped out of my vehicle and waved a polite hello. She was holding a packet of information and the keys to the house. I walked up the driveway, and she unlocked the door and opened it up. We went inside and I could see that this was a vacant house. She said no one had lived there for about 3 months. The owners had already relocated and were just trying to sell the place now. It still felt homely even though it was empty.

It was a split-level and we started by going downstairs. There was a playroom on one side and a bathroom on the other. There was also a garage off the side with the bathroom. As we went into the playroom I saw some boxes still on the side of the wall and a recliner by the front wall. Above the recliner was a window to the ground level outside.

"I see they haven't moved everything out yet", I casually remarked.

"Yes, they still have a couple things to get, but they are leaving any furniture that you see, they won't want to move anything big anymore".

As she turned to go show me the bathroom I couldn't help but stare at her rather large behind. My eyes were mesmerized as I walked toward the bathroom and when she turned around to say something I think she may have caught me looking. She didn't say anything though. Then we went upstairs and again I was watching her ass waddle back and forth as she climbed up with me behind her. This time when she turned around to talk i KNOW she noticed me looking. She smiled and acted like she didn't notice.

To the right was a living room and kitchen, to the left down the hallway were the 3 bedrooms and bathroom. We started by going into the living room and kitchen. She was telling me about the cabinets and flooring but by this point I had felt a little jolt in my pants and I was no longer thinking with my head. I forced myself to focus and followed as she opened the door to the porch and showed me the backyard. When we came back in the kitchen she told me to go check out the bedrooms by myself because she had to check on the water heater downstairs just to make sure it was surving the cool winter without any problems. She told me to meet her downstairs when I was done and we could go from there. I took a walk down the hallway and checked out both bedrooms at the end, then came out and saw the bathroom on the left and the other bedroom/office on the right. The rooms looked decent and the bathroom was spacious but I had seen enough. I wasn't interested in this place but it was nice to meet the beautiful agent who had the place listed.

I walked downstairs to meet Maria and just as I was about to turn right to go to the garage where the water heater was, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Maria was sitting in the recliner in the playroom. As my head turned my face immediately turned red as I saw she was slouched down in the recliner, dress pants around her ankles, and her hand shoved deep inside her pussy. She saw me and she too quickly turned red.

"Oh my god...I'm so sorry...I just thought...that maybe I saw you looking at my ass and...I'm just...oh my god I'm sorry". She was so embarrassed, she started pulling her pants up and I walked toward her.

"No need to stop, but perhaps you might like a little assisstance", I slowly walked over and then got down on my knees in front of her. I shoved my face deep into her pussy and stuck my tongue out right into her dripping pussy hole. Her body arched back and she screamed, "Oh my god that is AMAZING!"

With my hands I started pushing her sweater and dress shirt up over her huge belly. Her stomach flopped down and I tugged on it. I think tried to further push her sweater up over her breasts but she stopped me.

"Those don't come out, I'm a little sensitive about them".

Well me being a breast man I couldn't handle not feeling those enormous soft fun bags so I went into overdrive, slurping my tongue all around her pussy lips and nibbling on her clit. She screamed again and grabbed her tits, pulling the sweater up herself along with her bra. Her fat tits dropped out and with them came the hugest nipples I had ever seen. The areolas were almost the size of the whole breast and as dark as night. I grabbed both nipples and tugged hard, she moaned and her entire body shook. At the same time she started cumming, buckets of juice seeping into my mouth as I continued to work at sucking her pussy dry.

About this time I saw another car pull up into the driveway.

"Oh my god there are other people here!"

She quickly jumped up, pushed her sweater down, pulled her pants up and turned around to see out the window.

"Shit, another agent must have scheduled an appointment for today, looks like we will have to postpone this until later, unless you are interested in making an offer right now on the home..."

"Well", I replied, "I'm not exactly interested in the home, but if you have any other vacant properties that we can maybe spend more time in, I would love to check those out".

She gave me her card and on the back she wrote an address and a time. Then she looked at me and said, "Wednesday, at that time, that place, it's a great house and I think you will really like it...and trust me there won't be another other appointments around that time".

I smiled and took the card, walked out the door and politely said hi to the people coming in, they had no idea I had just eaten out the agent's fat pussy but the look on my face may have given it away.

The whole way home I stared at her card, anxiously wanting to get inside her wide pussy and fuck it hard. It was just my luck that she called me while I was still driving home.

"I think we should move that appointment up to tonight....I just had a cancellation at 9:30...are you free then to check out that place?"

I told her that my schedule was clear and I would love to meet her at this place she had been raving about. I asked her what was so great about this location since it wasn't even in my price range.

"Sweetie, it's completely vacant and it hasn't even gone on the market yet, and it has a jacuzzi, would you like to fuck me in a hot tub?"

I was speechless for a second, then responded saying I would definitely be meeting her there for 9:30. She replied saying that she would already be in the hot tub at 9:00 rubbing her pussy so maybe I should arrive a little early.

"I'll leave the place unlocked, your cock better be hard and you better be stroking it when you find the bathroom......."

Friday, February 22, 2008

What a day at the arcade..

I had never in my life seen a backside this large. Her ass was seriously the size of a boat.

I had agreed to watch my little cousin one afternoon while his mom worked. I picked him up and took him to the nearby arcade. We started in the upstairs with all the shooting and fighting games, but eventually moved to the bottom floor where all the ticket games were.

He was a good kid so I let him walk around and do his own thing while I walked around looking for a game to entertain myself with for a while. I've been known to be pretty good at skee ball but there were plenty of little one token games around I could waste time on, and win some tickets for my cousin to use to get stuff at the end of the trip.

I turned a corner and there she was. Maroon red sweater and tight blue jeans with an ass that spread out so far and wide I did a double take. Now I've been with some large women but no woman I had ever seen in person had an ass like this. It was just enormous. The rest of her body was as well. I'd say she was about 400 pounds, 5'6" with long curly black hair and glasses. I couldn't get over her ass though, it was just so huge I wanted to grab it and squeeze. I found myself following her with my eyes as I played games and wandered around. Every chance I got I would just stare at her ass and wonder how it was a possible that an ass could get that big.

It wasn't long before I noticed her friend, also rather large, but not with an ass like the first woman. I imagined them both together, rubbing each other's naked bodies with me looking on, stroking my cock to their fat sweaty bodies pressing together. The longer I was there, the more time I spent staring at these women, and it seemed like fate was on my side at first. As we were finishing up and counting out tickets, they were doing the same. They too had a small child with them, but honestly I didn't even notice what she looked like because I couldn't get my eyes of the gorgeous BBWs.

As we were getting ready to leave I noticed they had moved over to the bowling section for a couple of strings so I weighed my options. I figured I would never get another chance so I grabbed a piece of scrap paper that was there to add ticket amounts and scribbled the following message -

"I've never seen a woman as sexy as you, I can't help but stare at your incredible ass" phone number followed.

I figured worse case scenario she gets offended, but since I handed it to her, folded up, as I walked out the door I didn't think she would actually bother to follow me to my car. She didn't, we left and I could only wait to see what would happen.


I dropped off my cousin and headed back home, around 7 o' clock I walked through the door, threw the keys on the table and plopped down on the couch. It was just another night, a cold beer and whatever was on T.V. I was still thinking about the BBW that hypnotized me for a while earlier but assumed it was a lost cause, she probably thought I was just being mean. In the middle of Frasier, the phone rang. I picked it up and the voice on the other end said, "Hi, if I had known you were staring I would have bent over so you could really see my ass stretch". My stomach dropped, I couldn't believe it, was it really her? Was this a joke? What do I say now?

"Uh.....I'm glad you appreciated my note, I was afraid you might be offended". I didn't know what else to say.

"Sweetie, you think I don't know my ass is huge? And do you think I don't know that for all the people who think it's gross, there are those guys that are totally turned on by it? Honey I hope you are cute cause you sure sound it. I might hurt you though, I can get rough, I like to ride......"

Oh my god, if I could bury my cock in her pussy while those cheeks pumped against me, I would cum so much I wouldn't be able to stop.

"Now I'm a little nervous so let's meet at the gas station near my house, it's well lit and the parking lot is right in front of the door, so that will make me feel better. I hope you don't mind if my friend comes with me, I'm sure you saw her with me earlier, she's been single for a have I....."

After she gave me directions I quickly got up, changed clothes quick and headed out the door, my cock was already throbbing.

The five minute wait in the parking lot seemed like a half hour. When their civic pulled up I couldn't have been happier. Both of them were smiling and the other girl (not the maroon sweater one that I talked to) said, "Oh yeah, I vaguely remember seeing you at the arcade, honestly I didn't pay attention though". I told her it was OK and asked if they needed anything inside the store. They declined and just asked me to follow them back to the house.

Once inside they introduced themselves. Molly was the one I was looking at in the arcade, and Debbie was her friend. It was Debbie's apartment and Molly lived the next town over. We sat down on the couch and Debbie offered me a drink. I declined and she said, "Well honey I'm thirsty, let's not waste any time, get those pants off".

I quickly unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down to the floor. Debbie stood in front of me and lifted her shirt. Her bra was desperately trying to keep her boobs in but it was failing. Flab was hanging out all over and my dick started to rise. Molly then got up and said, "Hey Debbie, you have to wait, he's mine remember? It was my ass he wanted". Debbie retorted with, "Yeah well at least I have some boobs he can look at, you barely even have B's". She wasn't kidding, Molly's boobs appeared very small but little did they know that as much of a big boob lover as I was, I also had a fetish for micro-boobs on large bodies. It didn't matter, Molly had another idea in mind. She grabbed my cock hard with her right hand. "This, is going to get a LOT of attention tonight". She then let go and turned around, bent over,unzipped those tight jeans and slowly tugged them to get them down. Her ass was right in my face, I leaned foward and grabbed it, pushing the cheeks together and pressing my face into it. She pulled away and said, "You gotta wait for that, that's dessert, my pussy is your meal". She got her pants all the way off and turned around, leaned back on her elbows and thrust her pussy towards me, her stomach jiggled and my cock did a little jolt.

"Ooooh, you like my jiggling fat don't you? Would you like me to slap your face around with my fat belly?"

"Yes ma'am, you have an incredible stomach, I want to bury my face in it. I want to fuck your stomach with my hard cock".

She giggled and pushed her stomach into my face, then dragged it down and plopped it on my dick. I was at eye level with her chest, I lifted up her maroon sweater and underneath was an unnessecary bra. I tried to take it off and she pulled away.

"No, I'm embarrased".

"Aw give it a break Molly", Debbie jumped in, "You gotta stop worrying about those things".

Molly agreed but was a little apprehensive with removing her bra. When she did I saw what amounted to little bumps, with huge dark nipples on them. My cock again jolted. By this point Debbie was getting wet and wanted some action. She got naked and jumped on Molly, pushing her to the ground. I watched as they wrestled, sucking each others tits and grabbing each other's asses. I decided I had to get involved so I again tried to put my face to Molly's enormous backside. She pushed me off and turned over, "You suck my pussy now and eat my asshole after". I complied, plunging my face into her folds, moving one to get to the next, until I found her soaking wet pussy dripping with juices. I started slurping those up and thrust my tongue inside her hot vagina, she shivered. Her whole body moved and she arched back. All of a sudden I felt a tongue working it's way down my back, to the crack of my ass. I felt my cheeks get spead open and Debbie's tongue enter my asshole. My dick was now rock solid. I lifted my head up, pulled Molly closer to me, and lifted her onto my dick. It slid right in. As I fucked her I moaned from Debbie's tongue in my ass. I turned around and saw Debbie's head pressed against my ass while one of her hands was deep inside her own pussy. She needed some attention.

I pulled my cock out of Molly and shot a load all over her belly, she rubbed it all over her rolls and licked her fingers. I turned around and Debbie was already on her hands and knees, shoving her ass towards me. I rubbed my dick from the top of her ass all the way down until it worked its way into her pussy. I fucked her from behind, grabbing her tits that was sagging down, jiggling so much they were smacking her in the face. I squeezed her tits and she screamed. She told me to keep squeezing her tits and fucking her hard. Molly got up and started licking the top of her ass. She was staring at me, wanted me to fuck her again. I waited until my load was ready and then I pulled out and shot it all over Debbie's ass. She leaned forward and layed down. Molly threw me down and jumped on my cock, her tiny tits barely moving as she rode my cock, her fat ass crushed my body but I loved every minute of it. I leaned up and pulled her left nipple into my mouth, circling the large nipple with my tongue and with my left hand I grabbed her right tit, the little tit it was. Then I used both hands and gripped her rolls of fat on her stomach. This made my dick harder and harder inside her. As my dick got harder she rode me faster and she started moaning. All of a sudden she started shaking, and I could tell she was cumming. Once she finished she got off of my and turned over.

"Now you better fuck me good honey and when you're done you better cum all over my fat fucking ass".

I started fucking her from behind. Debbie was looking at us now and playing with herself a little, sucking a nipple while fingering her still wet but sore pussy. I pushed harder and harder into Molly's fat ass until my dick was about to explode. I pulled it out and shot the hugest load all over her enormous ass, it started dripping down and I just watched it, still stroking my dick hoping to get a little more out.

Molly fell forward and her ass jiggled around for a minute. Both Debbie and Molly sighed, "Wow, we never thought our night would end up like this. That was good".

We all got dressed and I got ready to leave.

"Debbie, Molly, I must say that you two are both absolutely gorgeous and you are both incredible".

"Well", they said, "you are welcome here anytime, I'm really glad you gave me your number, and I'm glad my ass could make you so horny. It really is a huge ass, abnormally huge, but I'm glad you find it sexy."

"Oh Molly, you have NO IDEA how sexy I think your ass is, and those glasses, damn, you are just too hot, you too Debbie, those breasts are amazing".

"Well your cock is certainly nothing to complain about, hope to see you again...."

I walked out the door and toward my car, when I turned around I saw something that most people see when someone wants to offend them, but for me it was pure enjoyment. There, standing at the door, was Molly, bent over with her naked ass, mooning me. When she noticed me looking she took her hands and spread the cheeks apart for a second, then let them bump back together, jiggling her fat ass. I smiled and hopped in my car. What a great night!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The customer is always right

She came in every night, without fail. It was almost sad how structured her schedule seemed to be. At exactly 6:45 she waddled in, grabbed a couple snacks on the way to get her 6-pack. Her bare fingers explained her situation. She was either unmarried or divorced, but either way the highlight of her day was 3 hoho's, 2 Twix bars, and a bag of chips, washed down with Bud Light cans and diet coke. Over a year's time I noticed she was still gaining weight, up to about 305 at this point. She always smiled, but never really spoke. She simply paid for her items and left. It almost seemed like she was ashamed of her purchases but couldn't help it. She had nothing else to go home to so why not indulge in life's little pleasures. Fridays were the worst. I could tell she was miserable that she had nothing to do and that was enough to justify her adding a pint of Haagan Daz s to her usual lineup. It must have been depressing, getting up for work every day only to get out and have nowhere to go but home, no one to share the evening with other than her snacks and beer. I imagine she watched TV, curled up with her chips and ho-ho's, steadily drank out of a blue Bud can, and eventually fell asleep. Around 11 she would wake up and go into her bedroom and sleep the rest of the night away. This explains her inability to hold a conversation with me, the simple merchant ensuring she had her vices for the evening.

Like I said Fridays were the worst and this one was no different. As usual she walked in, swaying back and forth from her huge girth, stocking up before heading to the counter to pay for her items. As usual she half smiled while I rang up her purchases but tonight I decided to initiate a conversation, in hopes that I could brighten her evening


"Would you like a bag for these items?", as i always asked was met with the typical answer .

"Yes please".

I searched for a starting point and eventually I settled, "I love this flavor of ice cream".

"Oh yes it's the best, I know I shouldn't eat it but it's just so good", she responded, much to my surprise.

I saw an opening so I took it, "Why shouldn't you eat it?"

I knew the answer but I wanted to her how she would put it. She was up front, "Well I certainly don't need the extra weight and I don't think ice cream helps keep it off".

I had already taken the first step so I just assumed leap, "You know, I think your figure is incredibly beautiful and I can't help but be aroused by the thought of you eating all of this food".

For a second my stomach dropped, I didn't know how she would respond and by the look on her face she was quite taken back.

"How old are you?", she inquired, serious look on her face.

"I'm 25".

"Honey in the 48 years I've been on this planet no one has ever told me that they enjoyed the thought of me eating, are you trying to be mean because if so that is quite rude?"

I was scared now. I had obviously offended her and didn't know how to fix the problem. At this point I figured it couldn't get much worse so I just went for broke.

"Look I apologize if I offended you but I meant it as nothing but a compliment. I hope this isn't too forward but I can tell you don't have someone to go home to and I would love to help you share that ice cream and beer if you don't mind".

She seemed shocked, in an almost relieved way. "Well my place isn't very clean, I haven't had anyone over in years".

I kept prodding. "Look, if you would like me to join you then you can write down your address on this paper and I can come by when I get out, if you don't then I apologize for bothering you and I wish you a good night".

She took the paper and hesitated, then began to write. My penis twitched, raised a little and stayed steady. I could feel it pressing against my jeans but even though it was firm, it wasn't noticeable, especially since I was behind a counter. She handed me the paper and on it was her address, along with a phone number. I decided I wanted to know if she was serious so I asked a provocative question. "When is the last time you were with a man?". She hesitated again, almost embarrassed to answer. "About 12 years". With this I could tell she would be open to almost anything, even though she was obviously shy. I took the paper and slid it in my pocket, she took her bag and walked out, turning around to smile just before exiting. I started counting down the minutes until closing.


Her house looked old from the road. As I pulled in the driveway I decided she probably didn't do anything other than work, eat, drink and sleep. That didn't bother me though, something about the messiness of her home was arousing. I slowly walked up to the door and knocked twice. I could hear her big feet pounding against the ground as she walked towards the door. She opened it with her right hand, Twix bar in the left. "I wasn't sure if you would really come, I'm kind of nervous". I responded by saying that there was nothing to be nervous about and if she was really uncomfortable that I would leave and completely understand. She said it was ok and let me come in. I looked around and saw what I expected, not a dirty filthy home but certainly not a clean one. There were clothes draped on most of the furniture, boxes around the rooms. She brought me to the living room where she had a 3 person couch, a love seat, a coffee table, couple lamps and a television. On the table was all of her food (aside from the ice cream) and a beer. The couch had a mixture of blankets, clothes, and half clean laundry. She offered me a beer and then asked me to sit down. While she went to grab the beer I looked around the room to get a good feel for it. On the love seat next to me was some more laundry, including a bra and a couple pairs of panties. The bra was enormous, as were the panties. The cups of the bra looked like they could hold beach balls and the panties could have easily stretched from my head to my knees. A towel was slightly covering them both but I still got a good look, enough to make my cock firm again. Dazing off while staying I was startled by her returning to the room.

"Here's your beer".

We sat and drank and watched TV for about 30 minutes, chit chatting during the time about her job and her life. Every once in a while she would place her hand on my arm while telling me something deep about herself, each time I got goosebumps. After a couple times she asked if I was uncomfortable with her putting her hand on my arm, I said that it was quite the opposite.


We never exchanged names but I remember her appearance. She had straight long blonde hair, and by this time, since she was home from work for the night, she was in jeans and a big t-shirt. Her breasts only made slight bumps in the large t-shirt that draped over her stomach. Her belly was hidden by the jeans but it was bulging out, her ass stretched the blue jean pockets wide. I wore jeans, and a long sleeve t-shirt with a sweatshirt over it. She asked if I was too hot that I could feel free to take my sweatshirt off. I told her it was a little warm and that if she didn't mind that I would like to remove it and I asked where I should put it. She pointed toward the love seat.

"I have some clothes on there but you can just move them to make room."

I got up and lifted my sweatshirt up over my head. As my head came out the bottom I could see her tilt back a beer to take a long sip. As i went to move her clothing, a bra fell to the floor.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to drop that."

She turned to look and said, "Oh, it's no big deal, you can just throw it over there by the wall."

As I picked it up to move, my cock got hard and I couldn't hide it by the time I got it to the other side of the room. As I went to sit back down I adjusted a little bit hoping she wouldn't notice. I think she could tell because she looked at me but she didn't say anything. She just smiled and got up to go get her pint of ice cream.

When she returned she placed the ice cream on the table with a spoon on top, turned to me and asked, "Do you really think I'm pretty or is this just a mean prank?"

I looked hard at her and responded, "I think you are extremely sexy and your body makes me rock hard."

"Oh really?", she said a little taken back. "So does that mean you would like this..?"

She lifted her t-shirt up over her plump belly and forced it over her massive tits, up over her head and threw it at my face. She then cowered back.

"Oh my god I'm so embarrassed".

I didn't let that feeling last long as I plunged my face into her belly. She giggled. It must have been the first time she truly laughed in many years. As I pulled my face out she started to open up.

"What is your most favorite thing to have done?"

I was honest and told her that a woman's touch and nibble on my nipple was the most arousing sensation. She lifted my shirt and moved her face toward my chest. Her boobs hit my belly as she sucked away at my right nipple, pulling the left one softly but firm. After a minute she leaned back and said, "Your nipples are hard, and so are mine, I want you to feel them". With that she lifted her bra and her tits flopped down, nipples pointing out the bottom. She lifted her breasts and pushed them towards my chest. Her nipples met mine and my penis twitched. She could feel it because it was pressed against her fat belly.

"Ooooh, you like my nipples don't you?"

I responded my unzipping my pants and grabbing my cock. I wanted her to know that she turned me on.

"Can I see your belly", I asked a little anxiously

"You can see my belly", she reluctantly responded.

"No, I know what those jeans are hiding and I want to see it all."

She looked down and unbuttoned her jeans. Her belly rose up and over the waist line and as she removed her pants her belly flopped down below her vagina. I took my cock and started stroking it. It wasn't two seconds before my whole cock was in her mouth. I could tell she hadn't sucked dick in a long time because she was really eating it. She even scooped my sack up and pushed it in her mouth too. She then pulled away a little quick

"Are you going to cum?"

I admitted that I probably wouldn't last long because she was so hot and I had already been touching myself for most of the night after she gave me her address. She sat back and said, "Well then you better know how to eat a good pussy because you aren't leaving until I'm satisfied".

She rolled back and my head shot down. I buried my face in her pussy, taking big licks up her open lips and then pulling the clit just slightly into my teeth. Her whole body shook. After a couple minutes I got up and on top of her, my head pointing towards her thick thighs, and I once again buried my face. This time I pulled her thighs apart and really planted my face. I was determined to make this gorgeous BBW cum. As I wrote the alphabet with my tongue her body started to shake again, only this time mostly in the lower region. She grabbed her tits and pulled them towards her face, sucking her own nipples as she came and my mouth filled with her juices. My face was squished in her thighs until her orgasm was complete.

She sat up and looked at me. "That was INCREDIBLE!"

I smiled and stuck my hand out to grab her left boob. She pulled me in and pushed my face against her breast. I licked around the outside of the huge areola and then moved in to tug the nipple, then pushed in to get it all for a good suck. She grabbed my penis and started pumping it.

"Oh my god I am so close to cumming and that is making it even closer".

She pushed me back and announced, "Well if you are going to cum, why don't you cover my breasts?"

I obeyed, stroking my cock, pumping as hard as I could until my cum shot out and onto her huge saggy breasts. She lifted her right breast and licked all of the cum off of it, slurping it up into her mouth. She then grabbed her left breast and did the same. The excess she swirled around her breasts, pinching her own nipples before slipping her hand into her vagina.

"Oh my god you really shot me a good load".

I humbly nodded and she threw my boxers at me.

"Put these on, I need to go to bed so I'll walk you to the door. I had an amazing time tonight and I really hope you can come back for more. As you can see my freak comes out after a couple drinks, plus you are just so sweet. I felt comfortable with you. Same time next week? "

I smiled and walked towards the door. I was shocked at how this shy woman had so much sexuality still left in her. She had clothed herself before walking me to the door but before I opened it she told me to wait.

"I want to give you a taste of next time". She bent over and pulled her jeans down, exposing her wide droppy ass. She spread the cheeks and told me to kiss it. I put my face up to her open asshole and slid my tongue inside. She jumped up and quickly pulled her pants up.

"Well if that is what I can expect than you better just come back tomorrow, you get off at the same time?"

As I walked out the door I jokingly retorted, "Oh no, I'll prepare to go all night....."

She smiled and added, "I'll see you when you get out and we'll see just how long you can last...."

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The fat co-worker

There wasn't much to do at work. Retail is an extremely boring profession. Once the shelves are filled and the store is cleaned, all there is to do is chit chat with the register workers. From Sunday through Tuesday there was only one other person working with me. She was older, as most the employees were, around 50. Sarah was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. She was always willing to help others but she wasn't weak, she had a strong will. She usually wore long dresses, as her figure was quite large. She probably weighed around 280lbs and had straight long, brown hair, certainly not a looker. She was nice to me quickly, most people were ignored for months before she talked to them but with me it was almost right away. Perhaps it was because I was one of the only people who actually worked. But when my work was done I would talk with her, about everything, life in general. It was more me talking to her and her listening, but I could tell she was happy to have someone to talk to who could hold a decent conversation.

Every once in a while she would come in wearing something other than her signature long boring dresses. Sometimes she would wear a t-shirt and pants, and for some reason I couldn't stop staring at her enormous backside when she bent down to put the hangers under the counter (clothing store). I also couldn't help but notice her large breasts, sagging down her t-shirt, as she may have been wearing a bra but she certainly wasn't a young chubby girl. She was an older fat lady.


Sarah came in one night a few minutes late. Her shift began at 5 while I always arrived at 3. At 9 we closed but I always left at 7. Today she didn't get to work until 5:15. She apologized and quickly got to her register and opened up. Customers started making purchases and I went back to my work putting away the shipment of clothes and filling the shelves with scarves. As always when the line got short I went to the front and hung around the register area. Sarah loved complaining about customers to me, I always listened and laughed. Tonight the customers were especially bad and as usual she begged me to stay until closing. I playfully declined and we bantered back and forth for a minute. I don't know why but for some reason I decided that since I really didn't have anything to do when I got out that I might as well stay and get the few extra bucks. I agreed. Then something weird happened. She gave me what looked like a simple look of relief as she walked over towards the back room. Then she lifted her long dress up to her stomach. Expecting to see underwear, I instead saw a huge mass of hair, with two vaginal lips hanging down from it. Sarah had the biggest bush I had ever seen and she wasn't wearing any panties. She quickly dropped her dress back down and smiled. I was speechless. Here was this woman who I considered to be my elder, exposing her massive vagina to my youthful eyes. I noticed I was getting hard so I quickly grabbed a pile of clothes and darted to the floor, I think she may have noticed the bulge in my pants though......

The rest of the night I acted as though nothing had happened. She too played it off but I could tell it couldn't escape her because she kept grabbing her crotch area when no one was around. I stayed until closing and in the last 10 minutes I was bascially just sitting behind the counter on a stool next to Sarah. With the last customer out the door she walked over and closed the gate. She then walked behind the counter and lifted her dress, placed her foot up on the stool next to me and thrust her right thigh towards my face. She then quickly dropped her foot and her dress fell back down. She started counting the register. I finished cleaning up the store and when I went in the back room to punch out I heard her walking back, register in hand, to put the money and the register in the safe. As I turned around I saw her closing the door behind her. She walked towards the safe room and I passed by her on my way out. Clutching the drawer in her left arm she grabbing my cock and whispered "I need to talk to you before you leave".


Sarah was not someone I ever actually imagined I would get with. She was older, divorced, unkept, unflaterring, very overweight, and didn't seem to have an inch of sexuality about her. She was more of a motherly figure, in that "good older influence" sort of way. She worked a dull job and struggled in a now tough society. With all that said Sarah was a wonderful person with a huge heart. She tried her best to help anyone and everyone in any way that she could.


When I heard the safe close I began to wonder what would happen next. It didn't take long. Sarah walked out and asked me if i could help her with the zipper on her dress. "It gets stuck and I was hoping you could help me unzip it". She was lying, It unzipped quickly and she pushed it off of her massive breasts and down to her waist. Her large white bra held her bosoms as much as they could. Gravity had certainly taken its toll but that only made my cock harder. Before I could start unbuckling her bra she bent over and flipped her dress up over her fat flabby ass. I slid my finger down her long ass crack, then I spread her cheeks open and licked her hairy asshole. She jumped up. "No one has ever done that before!!" As she turned around to yell her left breast smacked my face, bra shaking them slightly but keeping a steady hold. She shimmied her dress down over her fat ass and off her feet. She stood there, reaching behind her back to unsnap her bra. As she pulled the straps down off her shoulders the cups still held the breasts, curled up underneath her sagging melons. As she posed naked I began to stroke my cock while grabbing her belly, jiggling the fat in my hands while watching her breasts shake in sequence. She dropped to her knees and lifted her tits around my cock, thrusting them back and forth while her stomach slapped my nuts. I couldn't contain myself, I came all over her chest. She rubbed it in her breasts and then demanded "suck my tits". Without hesitation i scooped her left breast and bit the nipple, licking up my own cum in the process. While I did this she fingered herself until eventually shoving my head down to her forest. I buried my face in her hairy pussy. I pulled it out real quick and shoved it in her stomach, rolling my face around in her fat rolls. She pushed it back down towards her pussy and i stuck my tongue out and inside her lips. She instantly leaned back and moaned, grabbing her breasts and tugging them towards her mouth, sucking the nipples making them harder while swallowing what was left of my cum. Almost seconds later she came, the juices flowing my mouth while I sucked it all down, her bush covering my face.


We locked up and left, she said goodnight and just as I was getting into my car she yelled "Next time you can drink my milk but I'm getting in that ass of yours....."